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Areas of Practice

real Estate

Ontario's often unsettled real estate market requires practical advice in order to maximize opportunities and avoid external risks. For over four decades, Burns Associates has simplified real estate law for clients in Hamilton and the surrounding areas. We represent a wide range of clients in residential and commercial real estate matters, and our services include purchases and sales, financing, leasing and construction, to name just a few.

From homeowners to developers, Burns Associates has helped clients in connection with:

  • Claims for damages, specific performance and recovery of deposits in relation to purchase agreements

  • Disputes related to commissions, brokers and agents

  • Claims with respect to statutory building schemes

  • Mortgage enforcement and priority disputes

  • Certificates of pending litigation

  • Construction contract disputes

  • Commercial tenancies

  • Title problems

Real estate law presents a myriad of challenges. Burns Associates helps you steer through them.

Commercial and Corporate

The legal landscape faced by small business owners, start-ups and corporations is an ever-changing one. Burns Associates provides accurate, up-to-date legal counsel to help you navigate it. Trust in our ability to provide advice on matters pertaining to incorporation, seed financing, shareholder agreements and growth transactions critical to the success of your venture today and in the future. We have represented young professionals, small- and medium-sized businesses, sole proprietorships as well as established corporations.

The lawyers at Burns Associates provide timely and accurate information on:

  • Commercial leases and contracts

  • Commercial contract disputes

  • Commercial insurance claims

  • Insurance coverage disputes

  • Professional negligence

  • Construction matters

  • Shareholder disputes

  • Insolvency matters

  • Negligence claims

  • Business relations

  • Product liability

  • Creditor’s rights

For strong representation backed by over 40 years' experience in commercial law, contact Burns Associates in Hamilton.

Civil Litigation

The distinguished lawyers of Burns Associates in Hamilton have been retained to lead a wide array of civil litigation cases. The reason why? We provide strong representation. Our lawyers have acted on behalf of clients pursuing disputes related to construction contracts, commercial leasing, real estate and business partnerships among others.

Construction Litigation

In this complex arena there are many stakeholders at play. Disputes over costs, timelines, and quality often represent millions of dollars. Burns Associates helps protect your interests. Our diligent and tenacious litigators understand construction law and fight for fair and efficient resolutions before the courts on matters including:

  • Design and construction defects

  • Payment and collections issues

  • Building and construction liens

  • Insurance coverage issues

  • Construction claims

Civil litigation matters are administered by A. Douglas Burns. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your situation.

Wills, Estates and Trusts 

Burns Associates understands that drafting your will and planning your estate can be a daunting task. Whether its drafting a simple will or powers of attorney to more complex estate matters, our lawyers can assist you to ensure your wishes are fulfilled. 

By planning your wishes ahead of time, you will have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will be protected. Not having a will can be costly and often leads to family disputes. By not having a will in place, you will not get a say in the distribution of your assets and your estate may incur significant tax liabilities. 

The lawyers at Burns Associates can assist you in the following ways: 

  • Simple or complex Will Preparation

  • Joint Wills

  • Powers of Attorney for Personal Property and Personal Care 

  • Applications for Certificates of Appointment of Estate Trustees With/Without a Will 

  • Trust Agreements

  • Support & Dependants Relief 

  • Administration of Estates 

  • Estate & Beneficiary Disputes